Good Morning, Sunshine!

Yes...still working on TRUST today...& everyday;) When I work with Spirit for my clients, I completely surrender myself to Spirit. I open my heart, Soul, & body to be used however Spirit wishes for my highest level of service for the highest good of the person before me. I completely surrender how that will look & how that will work. I have complete TRUST that it will....& it does. It is an AMAZING peaceful that I want in all areas of my life. 

Think about the areas in your life that you would like to find some peace...release the need to control...& surrender & trust that it will work out. This doesn't mean that you just sit back & do just means that you are allowing the space for Spirit to move you or inspire you into action. Pick something today to surrender...hand it over to Spirit & TRUST. Remember to be kind to yourself as you do....sometimes you'll hand it over only to turn around & grab it back. That's ok. Just surrender it again until it sticks:)

~ Christi Rafferty