About Christi Rafferty

I love to listen to people's thoughts and stories.  I am the person you bump into while you are going about your day that says "Hi, How are you today?"  In my world, this is the invitation people need to tell me their innermost thoughts, challenges and hurts.  People always seem to share them with me and I feel blessed & honored they are comfortable enough to do so.   Although, I always wished I could do more than listen.  Reiki was an answer to that prayer and opened me up to a whole new world.  It helped me to trust myself & my intuition on a whole other level.  My life has never been the same. 

In 2007, Christi took her first Reiki class - a form of energy healing.  This began a journey where she started to consciously open & connect to the world unseen.  Christi realized not only had she been empathic (feeling others emotions) her whole life, but she could also communicate with spirits.  She has since studied with some world-renowned mediums & healers as she continues to explore, expand and strengthen her connection.

"I want to give my highest level of service to my clients here and those in Spirit.  I will continue to further my studies, expand my awareness and anything that will help me to Simply Shine."  ~ Christi