Good Morning, Sunshine!

Trust in your Inner Knowing. It can be not just a voice, but a feeling. It can be that feeling which makes you want to stay clear of a person or a situation or the very opposite...where you are feeling a person or an opportunity is put in your path for a reason. Logically, your mind says that there is no reason to feel that way & will try to talk you out of it, but don't listen. If you feel it, it is valid! 

The first business space I rented happened that way. I had just completed my first Reiki class & wasn't really even sure I wanted to make it a business. I decided to go inquire about renting in the center of town just for fun...only to have the owner say his only space was in the Historic Byers Hotel...the building I drove by everyday & had this inexplicable pull towards. I thought I at least owed it to myself to look...what harm is there in that?  I walked into the room & knew it was my be clear, for a business I wasn't sure I wanted. I thought is this crazy? I made the decision to TRUST. Yes, I made the list of the pros & decide "the right way".  There was a huge list of cons & the only pro was that I know I am supposed to do what choice did I have? I crumbled up the list & decided to TRUST...that moment changed my life!!! Simply Shine was created & I LOVE what I do!!! & what continues to unfold as I continue to TRUST!!!   

So what knowing are you going to TRUST today? Act on it! 

~ Christi Rafferty