By Appointment Only


To Illuminate, is to

  • Make luminous or shining

  • Make something clear & easier to understand

  • Brighten with light

  • Bring to the fore

  • Intellectually or spiritually enlighten

  • Shine light on

These custom sessions are used to light up, clear and release energetic and emotional blocks.  Every day our bodies take on stress, fear, sadness, anger, etc, into our energetic fields as well as manifesting on a physical level.  These blocks cause you pain (physical and/or emotional) - making you feel off-centered, stuck and overall uninspired.  Christi's illuminating sessions bring comfort, balance and/or awareness, helping put you back in touch with your beautiful bright shiny soul. 

"Your Light in this world is a rare and precious gift! Simply shine and see the world shimmer with joy and celebration." ~Christi

Christi utilizes her intuitive and empathic abilities as well as her connection to Spirit to uniquely combine the following:

  • Reiki/Energy Healing

  • Channeling

  • Soul Speak

  • Mediumship

  • Card Readings

  • Toning

A session will start off with a conversation to determine your comfort level in regards to the techniques used during your session together.  Christi will then get you situated in a candlelit room with relaxing music.  You will lay fully clothed on a healing table as Christi lightly rests her hands upon you as she is guided to work.    These sessions can bring up emotions needing to be released or acknowledged (hugs & tissues are offered free of charge).  This experience has often been described as a massage for your Spirit. After the table work (about 45minutes), Christi will again connect to Spirit & see what needs to be communicated to you. 

Duration:  Approximately 90 minutes                                                  

Abundance Exchange: $175.00


Wisdom of the Soul

By appointment only


Spirit blends & works through Christi in an organic fluid way to bring forward knowledge, encouragement, validation, healing, love...whatever you are needing. She will begin a session by explaining what may happen & will then open to Spirit...asking to be used for her highest level of service for your highest good. She will then allow Spirit to lead from there. She may use channeling, mediumship, etc...however she is Inspired.  This is typically what is done in the second half of an Illuminating session. Each session is unique..& it will touch your Soul!

Duration:  Approximately 45 minutes                                                  

Abundance Exchange: $100.00