Good Morning, Sunshine!

It was raining at the beautiful that I felt drawn to go for a dip. I had to be a part of it. As I got into the water, my mind was on so many things. I thought I was taking everything in around me, but I wasn't. Once I realized, I took a breath & centered myself into the moment. All of a sudden I could hear all of the raindrops hitting the was like the mute button had been on the whole time and now the volume was deafening. I could feel the water rippling over my body as I moved through it, the light on everything looked different...& in this moment...there was an instant knowing that this is Life...& I am a part of it. Not separate...but an integral part of all that is. There are no words for the peace & JOY that swept through me. Take a moment today to truly be connect to Life that is all around. You may feel the connection by being in nature or simply by looking at someone in the eyes. Take a breath, be present & allow yourself to truly feel the Gift of Life!!! EnJOY!!!

~ Christi Rafferty