Good Morning, Sunshine!

Happy Father's Day! No matter what your relationship with your Dad...close or not, living or deceased, near or your heart w i d e and send him Love....& gratitude ~ without him, you wouldn't be here;)

Today I celebrate my Dad...who taught me the value of a strong work ethic, the JOY & PLAYfulness of teasing, & that a man can love his wife so deeply & beautifully....that measuring a fish caught is an art...not lying, sandwiches cut on the diagonal taste better,  & neatness does not count when shoveling in popcorn during movie watching. New tech gadgets RULE (even though I prefer old ones that I know how to work:))...the sounds of a bowling alley, cards shuffling, the lake water on the rocks, & John Denver. Bacon, burgers, & shrimp are the BEST when Dad makes them...YUM!! Shirts were made to withstand tears...his calm loving presence anchors me during an emotional swirl...priceless! Tents should be put up with no one watching, anchors should always be firmly attached to work, & always have a full tank of gas in the motorboat;) The list goes on...I LOVE you, Dad!!! 

~ Christi Rafferty