Good Morning, Sunshine!

Happy Birthday, Gram!!! XxOo

Today is my Gram's 95th birthday!! She is such an inspiration!! For her 90th birthday,  she was asked by her friends what kind of jewelry her husband gave her. She told me, "Why would I want another piece of jewelry? It just sits there & does nothing....Do you know what I told him I wanted? she asked me as her face lit up...a faster computer!!" She began talking tech speak way beyond me & all I could do was smile! She's amazing!! She recently got a cell phone & is texting... & cannot wait to use all the features it is capable of!! She has always been that way... wants to learn more, do more, & give more.  She lives with gratitude every day ... & loves unconditionally. What a way to live!  I am very grateful & blessed to have the gift of my Gram in my me honor her on her birthday by doing something more....more learning, more giving, more loving!

~ Christi Rafferty