Love Yourself More

Learning to change the way you speak to yourself...the thoughts that go through your mind... is an important thing to practice. You can learn to be kind to yourself & to be your biggest fan...especially when you are hurting...what a powerful gift of love to give yourself .

For example: What if you were grieving the loss of a relationship or of a business opportunity? Your mind might go to places of: "What was I thinking?", " Why didn't I do this?", "Or that?" ,"Why did I say this?", "Or that?", "Wasn't I good enough?". It can then go spiraling...taking you through all kinds of awful thoughts & feelings when you are already upset.

Now if a friend came to you and told you of their pain or sorrow, you would say you are sorry to hear they are going through this difficult time....that you are giving them love & hugs...& if there is any way they can help, let them know.

What a difference!! Can you feel it? Why not give yourself the same kind of love & support? The first thing is to be aware of your thoughts. For me, at times, I will literally say aloud "Stop!". My mind gets quiet & gives me a moment to center & choose a new thought pattern. This did not happen overnight & I continually work to improve, but it happens much more often & more easily then ever before. Just remember as you are trying to change... be kind to yourself. You are learning....& you are worth it!:)

Loving Your Beautiful Light!

~ Christi Rafferty