A Special Good Morning, Sunshine!

I am sharing one of my most precious memories with the hope that it will bring comfort...to those whose hearts are aching this holiday...whether it is the first one or one of many without your loved ones... I am sending you much love...& hugs too.

My Gramps passed away 2 years ago today. Although he was 95, it was a shock. He hadn't been sick or really on any medication. He had gone out that morning to his usual breakfast with the guys, came back to sit at the kitchen table with his newspaper, & passed to the Other Side.  I was by myself with I got the call not long after & all I could do was lay on the bed...sobbing. It couldn't be real... I had just talked to him the day before. As I was sobbing, I started to see what appeared like a movie in my mind. It was like the camera was going up this young man's legs...he seemed to be in his early 20's. I thought...why is someone coming in now? I'm not with a client. Can't they see I'm beside myself? I was then drawn back to the movie. I could feel his excitement & his indescribable JOY!!! I was starting to smile because I could feel it, but at the same time I was so grief-stricken. Why was this happening now?! I realized the movie was pulling me in stronger even though I wanted it to leave me alone...I could see this grin on the young man's face. It was my Gramps grin. I would know it anywhere. I was laughing & crying all mixed together as he proudly showed me his legs & pointed to his head & said,"& look...hair!!!". It kind of fell down across his eyes. He was like a kid on Christmas Morning (times infinity) as he then went running across this huge field (I was later to discover that my Gramps had run cross-country back in his day & had been really good!). The last thing he showed me was a special moment he was having with his grand-daughter(who had passed many years earlier)....& then he just looked at me with such LOVE! I felt such peace & happiness....& it has never left me.

My wish is that I can extend that to all of you now. Your loved ones are filled with JOY too and are still with you...surrounding you with their LOVE! Take a moment, shut your eyes, breathe, & welcome them....& their LOVE in. Keep your heart open...you are so loved! Happy Holidays!

~ Christi Rafferty