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Reiki Share

Abundance Exchange: Goodwill Offering

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

A new offering for those who have either taken a Reiki class with me or with another Reiki Master…all levels welcome. This is limited to 9 spots for this first Reiki Share so please register...thank you. 

This time is used to practice giving the gift of Reiki…as well as receiving. There will be either one or two tables set up depending on the number who attend…usually a maximum of 4 practitioners working with one ‘receiver’ per table for about 10 minutes each. Everyone rotates to get the opportunity to both give & receive. Although this seems like a small amount of time, there are 4 people working on you & the Reiki energy that comes through is very strong. This is a wonderful time to spend not only in the energy but with others who are following the same path.