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Spirit-Guided Meditation

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Abundance Exchange: $15.00

Please register & arrive early, meditations will begin promptly and need to remain distraction free. Thank you.

Meditation has been used through the ages to quiet the mind, center yourself, and truly connect with your Soul.  In this high paced, activity packed life today, the mind needs time for stillness more than ever.  Yes, meditation relieves stress, helps you sleep better, improves concentration, etc.  which are all great benefits, but how can you hear your Soul when its voice is drowned out by the noise of everyday craziness?  How can you feel its presence when you are constantly moving?  If you cannot connect & hear your Soul's desires, how will you ever let it inspire & empower you? 

There is only one of you in the whole world!  What a rare & precious gift you are!!  Make time to connect to your Soul & then from that empowered heart-centered space, share your bright light with the world! 

"In the stillness, we are able to connect with our Soul, hear its whispered desires, and feel its strength, beauty & love. In that moment, there is a fullness - a completeness that brings peace." ~ Christi

Christi asks at the beginning of a meditation that she be used in her highest service for your highest good.  She does not plan the meditations ahead of time.  She opens up and connects with Spirit allowing for her words to be Inspired and guided as needed by the group. 

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